We had a chance to visit with nationally known race car driver Jac Haudenschild. The Wooster, OH sprint car ace was getting ready for a night of action at Huset's Speedway outside of Sioux Falls, SD on July 28th.

'The Wild Child', as he's referred to as, talked about his team that he is driving for. Jac pointed out that, 'Tom (the car owner) called me up and asked me to drive his car.' He went on saying, 'We've been running good' and he also made it clear when he said, 'I'm happy to have Bonzai working on the car.'

'Bonzai' is Dean Bruns, originally from Madison, SD. Bruns is also well known nationally as a crew chief of many years on winning cars.

The #59 team went on after this interview quite successful in the event. They set the quick time, ran away in their heat race leaving the field a half lap behind and finished second in the feature. We have video of the final 14 laps.

Haudenschild will run in the Knoxville Nationals August 7-10. He will be returning to Huset's for the All Star race on Sunday, August 11.