Proposals have been submitted for rule changes to high school sports. Member school activities directors have voted on the recommendations.

Now these proposals aren't immediately implemented with the votes from the activities directors. The new rules would need to be passed by the SDHSAA Board of Directors. The final votes would be passed during their meetings on April 21-22.

High school football changes could include anything from halftime duration, petitioning from moving up/down classes, when to play the semi-finals for Class 11A, and a grace period for nine-man football teams to stay within a specific class. What is interesting is the divide between the classes activities directors in regards to certain items.

One of those is the requirement of making all 11-man classes provide a microphone for the referees beginning in 2017. Classes 11B (12-6) and 11A (9-3) are against the requirement, while 11AA was split 4-4, and 11AAA was a resounding 8-1 vote in favor.

There are many more changes being considered within high school basketball. One of those changes is the highly discussed addition of the shot clock in Class B. The committee voted 7-0 in favor of the shot clock, while the activities directors within Class B voted 48-21 in favor. Discussion of changing Class B's state qualifying format was also looked at and was met with negativity from Class B activities directors.

Class AA was also looked at for changes in terms of the state qualifying format. The proposal includes playing out the districts, like they have done, with the winner qualifying for the tournament. 2nd and 3rd place teams would then be re-seeded 1-8 with the four winners advancing to the tournament. This was voted 7-0 by the committee, but received a 9-8 vote of no by the activities directors.

Many more proposals were discussed during the meeting. To see the full list of items, and the votes, click here.

Remember, these are just proposals at this time. None of these are implemented until the SDHSAA Board of Directors approves them in late April.