Each day that goes by another layer is added to the Adrian Peterson saga. Now his agent has proclaimed that he won't play for Minnesota again.

According to Jason La Canfora of CBSSports, Adrian Peterson's agent Ben Dogra got involved in a shouting match with Rob Brzezinski of the Vikings front office at the NFL Combine. Brzezinski is the Vice President of Football Operations for the Minnesota Vikings.

It was shortly after that Peterson claimed that he was a victim of the Vikings organization. In a interview with ESPN's Ben Gossling, Peterson said that he felt no support from the Vikings during his exile from the league for his child abuse charges.

I've held my tongue for too long.

It's too bad that the "star" forgets that the situation he is in is because he put himself into it. The Minnesota Vikings did not abuse Peterson's child, Adrian Peterson ABUSED his child. It's quickly forgotten that the Vikings went to reinstate Peterson after one game only to have the public ridicule. It's quickly forgotten that the Vikings paid Peterson all season long for NOTHING.

But yet Peterson considers himself the victim. The real victim of this case is the child in which Peterson inflicted that pain on. In Peterson's eyes though, the child put himself into that situation, and now Peterson thinks the Vikings are putting them into their own situation by not supporting his actions and bending over backwards for him.

The fans have all the right to be upset with Adrian, and for good reason. A lot of fans stuck by him throughout the course of last season and now he is turning his backs on the organization that tried to stick with him.

Sorry to say Peterson, but they've turned on you also. Good riddance and take your problems elsewhere.