I can't be the only person who is disappointed in the NBA Finals this year. The writing was on the wall, but my expectations of a six or seven game series went completely to the wayside after San Antonio dominated Miami.

Instead what we received was a dominating team (Spurs) completely stomp LeBron and no company. Between Bosh, Wade, and the rest of the crew, James just purely was left alone to try to take on a stacked roster.

I don't like anyone's chances 5-1. Not in basketball, hockey, or a old school brawl. Even if the one alone is the best at the craft.

After receiving no help, it's time to ask the question of what is next for James. He can opt out of his current deal and essentially go anywhere he wants. Some teams would have to clear a massive amount of room for cap space, but if you had James knocking at your door you probably would also.

James has all the power in his hands. He could get the "Big 3" to agree to taking less next season on a contract and allow the team to bring in another player such as Carmelo Anthony. James could take his talents elsewhere in the NBA to any team that wants him. If he decides to pick a team, he can make the short-term fix decision (older team that needs another piece), or set sights on a longer-term, younger team.

The NBA is a league in which one single person cannot do it alone. That has been proven throughout the course of history...and yes, even Michael Jordan needed a supporting cast. It's time for James to figure out if the Heat will give him an actual supporting cast or leave him with Wade (who isn't the same) and Bosh.

Whatever the case, the "decision" of LeBron looks like it could get more interesting than it did a few years ago when he decided to go to Miami. The NBA off-season is usually pretty quiet, but when the most polarizing figure in the game is potentially free to roam it is setting up to be quite a ride.

I still wouldn't get my hopes up though Cleveland. That still seems like the longest of shots.