One fan at the Astros Game 1 win over the Cleveland Indians bought $500 worth of beer for his fellow fans after he correctly predicted George Springer's home run.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Eddie Flores ponied up the money after he told the fans around him in Section 103 that he would do so when Springer led off the fifth inning with a home run.

The best part was, the home run hadn't happened yet, when Flores made the promise.

When Springer did exactly what Flores said he would, Flores followed through and purchased $500 worth of been for the fans in Section 103.

According to the Chronicle, Flores said "I just love my team, man".

A very cool gesture and I know who I want to be going to my next Astros game with, one Mr. Eddie Flores.

The Astros would go on to beat the Indians in Game 1, 7-2.