Alessandra Lopez is a 24-year-old model from Miami Beach, Fla. In addition to her modeling work, Alessandra has been a professional dancer for the Miami Marlins and Florida Panthers. Truth: Alessandra might be one of the few reasons to go see those teams… well, her and the fish tanks.

A beauty of Peruvian, Argentinian and Italian descent, Alessandra has been featured in television spots and print modeling work. You can also see her dancing in music videos from Lil' Wayne, Shakira featuring Pitbull, and John Paul, who is NOT Sean Paul, if you keep track of such things.

The list of sports Alessandra mentions on her resume is so long that it seems like a menu of classes from a YMCA: aerobics, body building, cheerleading, diving, gymnastics, handball, hiking, jet skiing, jogging, jump rope, kickboxing, Razor scooter, rollerblading, running… whew. We're not sure that 'Razor scooter' is a sport, but if it is, then we're hoping to see it in the Olympics one day soon.

A driven and ambitious Babe of the Day, Alessandra Lopez is someone you are likely to see much more of in the future, though you can see a whole lot of her right here:

Weight: 110 lbs. | Bust: 34" | Waist: 26” | Hips: 36"