By now, you know that we're big fans of characters with alternate looks. After all, variety is what makes games with customization options so much fun to play, right? So we absolutely love it when we can find different versions of cosplays we've already featured. Let's check out the Vladof Sickle version of Borderlands 2's Gaige, our Cosplay of the Day!

Gaige is the brilliant young Mechromancer from Borderlands 2 who can summon her trusty science project, a robot named Deathtrap, in order to dispatch the crazed bandits on Pandora. She's got a very high-risk, high-reward playstyle that makes dashing around and completing tasks an adventure. The option to customize her looks makes sure that all players can let their favorite version of Gaige shine!

Here is Lyz Brickley and her jaw-droppingly accurate cosplay of Gaige with the Vladof Sickle skin and Bang Bangs head. She has effectively transformed the Mechromancer from a young, pigtailed girl into a deadly gun-wielding ninja. More impressive than her metal arm, the screen-accurate accessories, and the way her gun looks is the life-size model of Deathtrap himself! A little Photoshop magic and a few pieces of cardboard turn into a living death machine!

Check out more of her phenomenal work on her Facebook, where you can see some excellent versions of Harley Quinn and the Wizard from Diablo 3!

John Lynn
JwaiDesign Photography
Lyz Brickley
Lyz Brickley
Lyz Brickley

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