My wife turns 40 this month and our tenth anniversary is next month. To celebrate she and I took a ten-day road trip to see a bunch of the country we had never seen en route to the a bucket list item for Crystal: the NASCAR night race in Bristol.

Most vacation photo albums are not interesting for people who didn't go on the trip. But a handful of the pics from our trip might be amusing in some way so that is what I am posting. At the top is me riding shotgun while my wife, the NASCAR fan, was "qualifying" through the Buchanan State Forest in Pennsylvania. A lot of tight curves in those hills.

Crystal Erickson

The photo above was taken at the White House looking away from it. I have resting bitch face, Crystal is unicorn thanks to the Washington Monument, the man in the striped shirt is compensating for something with that camera lens as he photo bombs us. It just struck me funny.

Andy Erickson

This was taken outside of Bristol Motor Speedway in Tennessee. It's a Pontiac Firebird turned into a redneck vehicle of ecstasy. The topper is partially visible. I think the guys who made it are YouTube famous or something.

Andy Erickson

This scene made me laugh the hardest. This was at our campground near the race track. I saw this guy drag the newly inflated air mattress from the pump plugged into the sedan on the left to the little red tent in the middle. It obviously was nearly as large as the footprint of the tent, and more obviously was larger than the door of the tent. He tried several times to squeeze it in. It didn't. Eventually he deflated the mattress, drug the tent to the car, then re-inflated the mattress whilst inside the tent.

Andy Erickson

The south is referred to the "Bible Belt" for a reason. I have seen many various deals advertised on signs of fast food restaurants. I've never seen a discount offered for presenting a church bulletin. This photo was taken on the Sunday morning after the race in Pineville, Kentucky. I thought of stopping at a church and snagging a bulletin and bolting, but after thinking that I heard thunder on a cloudless day and thought better of it.

Andy Erickson

Down the road in Corbin, Kentucky, the original home of the original recipe of Kentucky Fried Chicken, a sign advertised the Colonel Sanders Cafe and Museum four tenths of a mile underground. I'm not sure if this insinuates that the Colonel descended in the afterlife or if a screw failed but I prefer to think of the former.

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