Now that Jimmy Butler is a member of the T-Wolves, the question becomes who is and will be the best player on that roster moving forward?

The answer for now is Jimmy Butler, but Karl Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins aren't too far behind.

Most believe the upside and overall talent of Towns will take him to the top of the talent list on the Wolves roster, but I wouldn't discount Wiggins in the conversation either.

All three, Butler, Wiggins and Towns were all top 16 scorers last season and all are clearly under the age of 30.

It has always baffled me that Wiggins gets criticized for lacking a "killer mentality".  When you are on a bad team and you don't have a lot of success or in which you aren't in a ton of games at the end that would allow you to close, it may reflect a characteristic trait that isn't accurate.

Wiggins will be great and it seems like the Wolves know it as they are working on a 5 year, $148 million extension with the former #1 overall pick.

And just to clarify, he is worth every penny.

He is just coming into his own physically and he has increased his offensive production every single year so far.

He loves the game and loves working on his game.  I have seen him on multiple occasions during the last two off seasons putting in major work in downtown Minneapolis trying to improve his game.

The good thing for the Wolves is he doesn't have to be the best player on that roster because of the talent around him in Towns and Butler, but don't put it out of the equation that he could surprise you and become the most talented himself.