Over the last few days, Andy Reid was the candidate to become the new Arizona Cardinals head coach. However, the former Philadelphia Eagles coach is closer to becoming the Kansas City Chiefs head coach. Is the right move for Reid?

ESPN's Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen broke the news, and yesterday, Reid was in the Philadelphia area with Chiefs officials discussing the potential terms of a deal. Reid was expected to meet with the Cardinals today, but ESPN's Schefter reports that Reid did not get on the flight to go to Arizona.

So, what's Andy Reid's best fit; in Kansas City, Arizona, another job or is it time to stay out of football?

Personally, I believe Kansas City is the best move for Reid. Here's why: First, Reid provides stability to NFL teams and is a proven NFL coach. He led the Eagles to a Super Bowl, and five NFC championship games. In 2002, he came to the Eagles with no head coaching experience at any level, and three years later, he had them in the NFC Championship game.

He knows how to win, and to me, the biggest factor, he gets quarterbacks to play. Matt Cassel has had a defensive coach the last few years with Romeo Crennel and needs a offensive coach. Reid helped the development of Brett Favre in the 90's, along with Donovan McNabb, Jeff Garcia, and Michael Vick.

Perhaps the biggest difference is Reid needs an offensive line to work with. In 2012 with the Eagles, Reid was without four of the five offensive lineman they were going to use. It hurt Vick and LeSean McCoy, and Reid's play calling.

Kansas City gave up 40 sacks in 2012, but blocked for Jamaal Charles, who had 1,509 rushing yards in 2012. Charles was a big part of their offense and their main success. It appears their offensive line is slightly better.

Second, the Chiefs have talent on their roster. In 2012, they produced five Pro Bowl players, despite recording just two wins. The Chiefs will also have the number one pick in the offseason, and a chance to boost the roster. Perhaps, they would draft Geno Smith. Smith could be a quarterback who could change an offense like Robert Griffin III did for the Washington Redskins in 2012.

The biggest difference in accepting the Chiefs job versus the Cardinals job for Reid is that the Chiefs are willing to give him more control and personnel to work with. Reid knows how to build teams teams through the draft and free agency. The Chiefs present him with the best chance to succeed.

Meanwhile, the Arizona Cardinals have the quarterback Andy Reid drafted - Kevin Kolb. That's really the only reason I could see Reid working there. He has a quarterback he likes.

A mistake that he would make by going to Arizona is because of the offensive line. Arizona gave up 58 sacks last year - the most in the NFL. They would get Levi Brown back, but is that enough? The offensive line in Philadelphia was one of the reasons the team fell apart and would ultimately lose control.

Lastly, of all the coaching positions open right now, I am surprised Chicago or San Diego haven't called Reid or are interested. Those two teams appear to be the closest to winning, but appear to have different plans.

I believe Reid deserves another shot in the NFL and he will get it, but his next job (most likely Kansas City), will take some work.