As the horror of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting continues to unfold I find myself unable to turn from the no-stop reports on the TV.  So many innocent little children dead.  Pictures flash through my mind of attending classes at Beaver Creek Elementary School and watching my son Adam and Daughter Morgan.  I can clearly see the little desks, the hand painted construction paper pictures hanging on the walls, and the A-B-C's running at the top of the front of the class room.  It makes me absolutely ill to imagine some homicidal maniac opening fire on all of the innocence seated there.  How could anyone do that?  Why?  Is it just pure evil loose on earth?  How are we suppose to react?  Should we ban all guns?  Should we give teachers guns?  Should we all carry guns!?  Or is there no way we can every hope to stop some monster if they are intent on doing our kids harm?  I own guns and I feel darn capable in my ability to use them.  I, however, cannot say with any certainty how well I would react if forced to use a gun against another human being in a pressure situation.  But if I am going to be honest, with the rage that I feel right now, I wish someone with gun training had been in that school today.