Cows plus Sioux Falls Development Foundation investment funds plus a grant from the state equals 200 new jobs in biotechnology in the city.

Tuesday, SAB Biotherapeutics announced an expansion that could lead to nearly $14 million in residential development and almost $165 million in commercial development in Sioux Falls.

“The impact upon people’s lives and health will be felt, certainly, throughout the entire world,” said Slater Barr with the Sioux Falls Development Foundation. “Furthermore, this announcement represents a catalytic event that further accelerates Sioux Falls’ and South Dakota’s biotech industry.”

While capital from the development foundation, the state and Sanford is critical, cows are key. These special livestock developed by SAB help growantibodies to fight or prevent infectious diseases like Ebola, influenza and Hantavirus.

Todd Epp/Results Radio

“What we have done is, we have genetically designed these animals, in this case, bovine, so that rather than producing the bovine version of those antibodies, they produce the human version,” said Dr. Eddie Sullivan, president and CEO of SAB.

Sullivan said jobs will typically pay in the $50 to $70,000 range for an annual payroll of more than $16 million.