The contractor hired to remove hazardous limbs and trees as a result of the three-day ice and snow storm in April is still working throughout Sioux Falls. City officials say TFR's remaining work is expected to take two more weeks.

Hazardous trees may be removed from city-owned property such as parks as well as from the public right-of-way between the sidewalk and the curb.

The city says a tree is considered hazardous if it has a diameter of 6 inches or greater, measured 4.5 feet from the ground surface, and one or more of the following criteria are met:

  • It has more than 50 percent of the crown damaged or destroyed.
  • It has a split trunk or broken branches that expose the heartwood.
  • It is leaning at an angle greater than 30 degrees.
  • It has fallen or been uprooted within a public use area.

Company employees aren't working alone, as each crew has a monitor from SAIC, the independent monitoring firm, along with them to document the contractor is working within the hazardous criteria guidelines.

They've been dealing in big numbers.

The city says that since the beginning of their response operations, TFR has removed a total of 24,071 hazardous hanging branches and 774 hazardous trees.