Everyone can do E3 2013 Awards like, "Best Xbox One Game" or, "Best Shooter." To commemorate Arcade Sushi's first year at E3, we decided to do something a little different. Instead of breaking these awards down by genre or console, we broke games down by how they made us feel. Get ready, these aren't your usual Best of E3 2013 Awards!

Game That Shouldn't Be an Exclusive  – Killer Instinct

Killer Instinct was an insanely fun fighting game that modernized the combo centric classic. However, it’s only going to come out on Xbox One, and that is seriously going to splinter the community. Fighting games tend to survive on the ability to bring the fighting game community together for tournaments and other events. Killer Instinct is a quality game, but as a console exclusive it might not find its audience.

Most Hype Game We Didn’t Get to Play – Super Smash Bros.

Nintendo literally had a playable version of Super Smash Bros. with Mega Man in it right in front of us, but we didn’t get to play. Instead, Nintendo played it and provided some of the worst fighting game commentary we have heard in a long time. Next time, just give us the controller, Nintendo.Super Smash Bros

Best Game From Last E3  – Beyond: Two Souls

Last year, we got to see Ellen Page play a fugitive haunted by a murderous ghost. This year, we got to see Ellen Page play a hardened military woman haunted by a murderous ghost. Frankly, we have no idea what this game is about, but we want to see more.

Biggest Disappointment – Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

A two hour long wait for a button mashy game with unfair platforming, cheap deaths, and enemies with the intelligence of a tapeworm? Yeah, we’ll pass. No amount of Patrick Stewart and Robert Carlyle is worth this.

Most WTF!? Game – Killer is Dead

Killer is Dead is an action game where you play a buisinessman with a cybernetic left arm and a katana who is hired to kill zombies that steal abstract concepts from people. Your boss is a giant African American robot in a Hawaiian shirt and your sidekick is a motorcycle babe with 16 arms. You fuel your sword with roses and pick up chicks to learn new abilities. Oh, and your clients tend to be already deceased. Strange enough for you?

Biggest Tease – Final Fantasy XV/Kingdom Hearts 3

At the Sony press conference, Square-Enix revealed that Final Fantasy Versus XIII had become Final Fantasy XV and that Kingdom Hearts 3 was finally going to come out. At their booth, they had Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD, and Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix, games that are incredibly close to their big reveal, but not the games we were looking for.

Best Game No One Knows About – Divekick

Divekick is absolutely genius. It’s a fighting game with two buttons and no joystick. It’s simple to play, but the strategy is remarkably deep. This tiny setup off on the edges of the Sony booth kept attracting huge crowds that would cheer at the end of every battle. It was, in a way, the most audibly hyped game at E3, and you should definitely give it a try when it releases later this year.

Game Most Likely To Change Gaming As We Know It – Project Spark

Project Spark was more than a game. It was an incredibly powerful game development tool. Not only did it allow you to create full game worlds, but it also let you create A.I. and game rules as well. Want to make an action game? Go for it! How about a tower defense? Do that too! Space shooter? Why not! This is a whole new level of user generated content.

Best Game To Play With Friends – Destiny

Destiny’s huge open world, procedurally generated loot system, and multiple classes make it a perfect multiplayer game for the next generation. The fact that there is a huge single player campaign with events that allow others to join in is even better. We can’t wait to hear more about the game systems of this awesome new shooter.

Most Retro Game – The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

After twenty two years, A Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past is getting a sequel, complete with links original mullet hairdo! Everything from the original is coming back, including the light and dark worlds, Gannon, and even familiar territories from the SNES game. No other game brought back as many delightful retro gaming memories as this one.

Weirdest E3 Moment – The Ouya Booth

The Ouya isn’t exactly being designed by the richest design team out there. So when E3 prices were a bit too high for it, they simply rented out a parking lot across from the convention center. So to visit this indie booth you had to leave the convention center and cross the street and go inside a tent. Even weirder, E3 tried to one up the Ouya by parking trucks in front of it and then the Ouya one upped them by putting displays in front of the trucks. What the heck is going on? Maybe next year we will see E3 booths in the middle of the road.

Presentation That Made Us Weep for the Maturity Level of the Gaming Industry – Killer Instinct

As much as we liked Killer Instinct, we couldn’t help but cry a little when Microsoft essentially made a rape joke during their KI demo, when a male gamer told a female community manager, “Just let it happen, and it’ll be over soon.” This spawned a huge amount of outrage, and a huge counter-backlash to that outrage, which made us weep even more. Microsoft has since apologized but the fact that they could even think of making a joke like that, and the fact that people would defend them for it, is depressing.

Game That Makes Us Feel Better About the Gaming Industry as an Institution for Art – The Walking Dead: 400 Days

Telltale continues to prove to us that gaming can tell stories like no other. The Walking Dead: 400 Days, though just a DLC add on, is one of the most remarkable pieces of gaming that E3 had on display. The gripping tales of horror and suspense it had to tell made us incredibly excited for Season 2 and the fact that all the decisions you make in Season 1 affect this DLC, which then affect the starting conditions for Season 2! This is one title you don’t want to miss if you consider games to be more than a pastime.

What awards would you hand out? Let us know in the comments!