South Dakota teachers are the lowest paid educators in all the states of this nation. Now this guys suggests that with only a 9 month work year, they get too much sick leave and personal time off and that is hurting South Dakota kids.

Do you agree?

Steve Gunn who writes for insinuates that South Dakota kids aren't getting a quality education because teachers are slacking off and spending too much time out of the class room.

Quote Gunn:

South Dakota Polices not only force districts to spend too much on absent teachers, compensation for teachers who do not use sick days, and substitutes, but also hurt the quality of instruction for students.

In Sioux Falls, S.D. teachers and other covered employees get 12 paid sick days per year, as well as two personal days, for a nine-month work year. Only one sick day is counted as a personal day used.

In 2013-14 Brandon Valley employees took 2,267 sick days and 515 personal days. That comes out to seven paid sick days per employee.

Gunn suggests that breaking the unions would be the way to go.

It doesn’t have to be like this. Since 2011 Wisconsin school boards have been given the power to determine personnel rules without having to negotiate with local teachers unions.

Is saving South Dakota tax dollars on the backs of teachers the best way to go?