There probably isn't a team in the NFL with more drama than the New York Jets, and this year, they've reached new dramatic heights.

What can we say about the New York Jets? Just when you think the pieces are together, someone comes and knocks everything to the ground.

Head coach Rex Ryan said that he wasn't going to be as vocal this year, and he hasn't. Too bad his team has also lost their 'mojo.' Whether those two things are linked is anyone's guess, but right now the Jets are at 6-8, somehow in second place in the AFC East.

The team picked up America's favorite underdog in Tim Tebow in the off-season, but it looks like his time might be done in New York. The latest quarterback drama is that they are looking to get rid of third-year quarterback Mark Sanchez, Tebow wants a trade, and the Jets may acquire ... Michael Vick?