My friend’s wife admitted she is a fixer. I mean she fixes everyone’s problems. She says she has a tendency, when” I see someone with a problem, to try and help them fix it or just fix it myself.”

She realized she’s working on at least six different issues right now and not one of them is her own.

Are you the same? You don’t like seeing people sad, mad, upset, and hurt.

In the process of “fixing,” she ends up carrying much of the other person’s stress on her own shoulders.

Does this sound like you yet? What advice do you have? She admits to her husband she may have an issue. How the heck do you let that stuff go?

I found from some conversations with others this advice. Quit fixing and start believing in others. Be curious to see what they know before you offer your advice. Determine if their ideas have value and they need more courage than direction. They may know the right answer but are afraid to take the next step. Share stories about times you faced similar situations and how you learned from your mistakes. You can give them the benefit of your experiences but you can't give them the experience. They need their own experiences and lessons to develop.

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