Welcome to our new photo series, Around Sioux Falls. From time to time we will check out the things happening in and around Sioux Falls, from news and events, to just those things you see every day, but aren't sure exactly what it is. Enjoy!

Anthony Wright/Results Radio

Construction continues on the new location for Five Guys Burgers and Fries at 49th Street and Louise Avenue near the Empire Mall.

Back in October 2014, Five Guys Burgers and Fries announced that they were opening a second location in Sioux Falls after the huge success their original location on 10th Street. That location was so popular they had to get access to a parking lot off Minnesota Avenue to handle the overflow parking.

The new location will be an interesting set-up to say the least. Five Guys will take half of the building, with another restaurant "to be named later" taking the other half. Retail/office space will take up the top floors.

As you can see from the pictures, construction is moving along despite the weather. The southern half of the building has been framed out and you have an idea where the front door is going to be, as well as where the drive-thru will be placed.

The northern portion of the building is entirely covered as they work on remodeling the inside to fit the needs of the new tenants. Unfortunately, you really don't get an idea what the outside will eventually look like.

What I find interesting is how they are going to take what was a used car lot/repair shot (Extreme Automotive) and turn it into dining areas? Stay tuned. We'll continue to follow its progress with more pictures to come.