Every year there are NFL stories that affect the game on and off the field.  This year is no different in that aspect, but there is the aspect of gay NFL players coming out that could affect the on the field play and the off the field aspects like never before.

According to reports from CBS Sports over the last 10 days, it was reported that a NFL Player was considering coming out as gay and making a stand vs. the discrimination that gay athletes endure.

Now, Brendon Ayanbadejo, a highly visible defender of gay rights and same-sex marriage, told the Baltimore Sun that four current NFL players are considering coming out as gay.

I personally, could not be happier... This is something I have been advocating for, for a long time.

Let's get past the macho garbage that NFL players and males all across this country portray and lets talk people.

This isn't a religious issue, a political issue, it is a human issue.

I don't care as I've said many time, if my favorite football player or athlete wears dresses on the weekends or ends up at the "Rainbow Lounge" vs. a strip club on a Saturday night.  All I am concerned about is whether or not he can throw, run, jump, dunk, or whatever on the field of play.

Time and time again, people want to push their views on homosexuality on you one way or the other. That is not what I am trying to do.  I just want equal rights for athletes. I want to know that every athlete has the same opportunities on the field of play to excel.

Think about this, think about all the great talents that have decided to cut their athletic careers short, because of fear of being ridiculed because of their sexual orientation or being outed as gay.  Essentially having to decide whether to hide their identity vs. chasing their dream.

Think about what we've missed as fans because some people are too narrow minded to let things go. Let people be individuals and let them excel at the sport they love.

If you think that your team or favorite sport does not have gay athletes playing today, you are naive! Charles Davis, NFL Analyst with the NFL Network and FOX was on ESPN 99.1 after the combine and said the same thing, more specifically saying there are probably gay athletes on your favorite team right now and they should have every opportunity to be treated the same as other athletes.

By taking this issue head on, this will hopefully allow others to make it known who they truly are and allow them to succeed at the sports they love.

So now knowing that four NFL players have the courage to come out, bring not only more light to this issue, but it brings hope. Hope that we can hopefully take a step in the right direction, a direction of moving past these prejudices and moving into a direction of acceptance!