A new video from Sony about the PlayStation 4 revealed upcoming exclusive content from Ubisoft would release elsewhere after just six months.

The video, which boasts about why the PlayStation 4 will be the best place to play, showcases a wide variety of exclusives for the console. With 24 games coming to the PS4, and only the PS4, it's a noteworthy brag to make.

Once the third-party reveals happen (around the 1:16 mark), we learn Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag and Watch Dogs will each have 60 minutes of exclusive content on Sony's console. However, there's a nice disclaimer at the bottom indicating that exclusivity will only last for six months before it's made available elsewhere. So in April, the Aveline missions should be widely available on the PC, Xbox One and Xbox 360. There's no telling when the Watch Dogs content will be out, as the game is currently without a firm release date in 2014.

Timed exclusives have been more prominent in the waning years of the current generation, and it doesn't look like the next generation will be any different.