O’Gorman High School volleyball standout Taryn Kloth is killing it on the court for the Knights this season. Currently a senior, she said she enjoys every minute of it.

“Volleyball is something I love to do and I’ve always wanted to do it,” said Kloth.

Kloth said she disliked the sport at a very young age, but grew to enjoy it in middle school.

Kloth said one of the reasons why she stuck with volleyball for so long was because of the friendships she’s made. Most of the girls on O’Gorman’s volleyball team have played with each other for years.

I love our team. I think it’s nice that we’ve been playing together since third grade. The team gets along really well, and especially the seniors. I feel like we have good leadership on the team,” explained Kloth.

Next season Kloth will play volleyball for the BlueJays of Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska. Kloth said she is extremely excited for her upcoming journey and said the school has already made her feel extremely comfortable.

I’ve met the team there and the coaches, and everyone’s really nice there. I feel like it’s the perfect fit for me,” said Kloth.

Kloth said even though she’s excited for next year, she thinks this years Knights team can go far.

Definitely Roosevelt, Washington, Aberdeen, there’s a lot of competition that can really benefit us from playing them,” said Kloth.

The O’Gorman Knights team is currently 10-3 on the season after finishing up a series of pool-play matches in Las Vegas last week. They play the Washington Warriors on Tuesday night, Sept. 23 at Washington High School.