An attempt to rob two Sioux Falls residents Wednesday night was foiled by one of the potential victims.

Police Officer Sam Clemens says it happened around 8:00 PM as a man and woman were walking in a parking lot at an apartment building in the 400 block of North Lake Avenue.

Clemens says when they reached their car, a man dressed in black and wearing a Halloween mask, and holding what appeared to be a gun, told the man he wanted his money:

"While they were standing there was two other suspects that emerged, both of them had masks on and were dressed in all black," explained Clemens. "At some point the [male] victim pushed one fo the suspects into the suspect that had the gun and then he tried to grab the gun. He missed, but actually ended up with the mask of the suspect."

Clemens says all three would-be robbers took off running. He says two of the men were around five-feet-two with thin builds, and the third was five-feet-six with a thin build.

Clemens says the male whose mask came off was a black male, but no other information was available for the other two.