Three law enforcement agencies will work together next week on School Zone Enforcement and Safety Week in Sioux Falls.

Police Captain Greg VandeKamp says Sioux Falls Police, the Lincoln County Sheriff's office and the South Dakota Highway Patrol will saturate all school zones in the city:

The City of Sioux Falls included the following on their website:

The Sioux Falls Police Department, partnered with the South Dakota Highway Patrol and the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, will be conducting a multijurisdictional saturation of all school zones within the city of Sioux Falls. Several additional officers will work each day during school hours, focusing on speed enforcement and accident avoidance, in hopes of providing a safer environment for our children and the motoring public.

VandeKamp says officers will work in complaint zones during other parts of the day. They also wanted to remind drivers that "the speed limit within a school zone is 15 mph and they are encouraged to slow down and stay aware of their surroundings while operating a vehicle near a school."