Gemma Lee Farrell, 23, is a model and aspiring actress who lives in Los Angeles. Farrell is originally from New Zealand, but she has become as Americanized as actor Russell Crowe, director Peter Jackson or singer Kimbra, who is really 'Someone That You Used To Know.'

In addition to appearing in countless magazines and doing several lingerie and swimwear photo shoots, Gemma Lee Farrell has been a member of the Street League Skateboarding's Dime Squad and a Dream Girls lingerie model. She is the current Miss Monster Energy, which allows her to prance around wearing a skimpy bikini, corset or whatever tight outfit best fits the situation.

Like any modern girl with aspirations of fame, Gemma has a Facebook page, a Twitter, a Tumblr, an Instagram page, a Socialcam profile and probably enough lip gloss to paint the Hollywood sign pink, which she claims she'd like to do someday.

Height: 5’8” | Bust: 33” | Waist: 25” | Hips: 32"