According to Duane Stinnett, Art Director on Starcraft and Diablo, Band Together is like Little Big Planet meets Lemmings. He couldn't be more on target with that combination. That's reason enough for us to make Band Together today's Free App of the Day!

But what is Band Together? Well for starters, it's an an addictive puzzle/platformer that features gorgeous graphics and a unique mood and atmosphere. We featured it on our list of 10 Unusual iOS Puzzle Games. When David Lynch approves, any project more than earns its "unusual" tag.

Part puzzle game, part adventure -- all beautifully rendered for the iPad! The premise is pretty simple: figure out how to guide your little Bandies to the exit of each level. But along the way, you must look out for thumbtack death machines, pencil pit traps, baseball boulders, and more.

Download a copy of Band Together today for your iPad!