Three-time national champion and Super Bowl winning coach Barry Switzer joins Jeff Thurn on Wednesday’s edition of Overtime. Is there pressure on the Oklahoma Sooners in 2014? 

Switzer coached the Oklahoma Sooners to three national championships and the Dallas Cowboys to a Super Bowl.

After last year's bowl win over Alabama, will Oklahoma be able to carry over their momentum into the 2014 season? 

"I want to think it's momentum There's no question about. There's a great mental attitude on our campus that prevails today and our following has a great fanbase. But they don't have a damn thing about doing with winning and losing. The players do it and the games played from the neck up are 90% psychological. If you get the mental and physical aspect of it, psychologically it's as important as anything. The players believe they think they are good and some of the areas they are concerned about, they improved themselves. Down lineman because they are the hardest people to find guys to squat down and play defense. I think they are a little better there and they are better than anybody play on the schedule if they come ready to play. Doesn't mean they are going to win. They were favored against Texas last year and lost. So, you got to make it happen and go out there and play. They are going to be better than a lot of people they play. They are preseason No. 1 (in Big 12) in the polls. I expect them to have a good football team."

The Sooners start their season on August 30 against Louisiana Tech.

How much pressure is on Bob Stoops? 

"Well I think there's pressure every time they go out there and play. They expect about every damn time to win a championship here. We won 50 damn championships at Oklahoma in the Big 12, Big Eight and Big Seven with Bud Wilkinson. You know we just to want to rack up the championships. I don't think any team has won championships like Oklahoma has in any league. You go back, and that's a great question. Go back and take the modern football after the World War watching players come out of the War in 1946, from that point on, I don't think anybody has won championships like Oklahoma has. They won Big Six, Big Seven, Big Eight, and Big 12. You add them up. That would be a good statistic to look at. There's no one that wins championships like Oklahoma does. Anyway that's my I always said; everybody talks and dreams about, but hell we expect it here. Oklahoma has a lot of pressure, but guys at Oklahoma, they can live with pressure. It's never bothered me or him (Bob). Ah, I got pressure to win. I got pressure all the time. Players got pressure on them to perform. It goes with territory."

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