I played baseball in high school. As the fat guy often does on a baseball team, I ended up being the catcher. I wasn't excited about it at first but after doing it for a couple of weeks I was hooked.

Foul tips are a way of life behind the plate. I remember getting hit so hard on the inner thigh one time, through my pants and sliding shorts, that when I showered a few hours later the distinct pattern of baseball stitches could be seen.

I also took a few shots in the ding ding. But I was wearing a cup so the discomfort was not bad at all. A little ache, shake it off, all good. But I was wearing a cup and never caught professional caliber pitchers.

An umpire in South Korea was struck square in the testes last week. I'm guessing he wasn't wearing a cup because it was bad enough that he was taken off the field on a stretcher.

The umpire's new nickname: "Blue."