So the 2013 class of inductee's into the Baseball Hall of Fame is... zero.

In a year when the all-time home run leader was eligible, when arguably the best pitcher of the last 40 years was eligible, when a 500+ homer guy was eligible... no one made it. None. Nil. Nada.

It was, of course, because of the so called "steroid era." Syringes in the buttocks, alleged or proven, have made it difficult to sit down in the hallowed hall.

Some have suggested a perfect solution: these players, and others of the steroid era, would have their own section. Something like marking that section with an asterisk, stating that these players were alleged to have taken steroids or other performing enhancing drugs. Then, we could just bring the kids and grand kids on through and admire the plaques and other memorabilia.

But if we do that, if we want to be truthful, especially to the younger generations, shouldn't we take this a step or two or three further in the interest of full disclosure?

How about this:

Go down this hallway to the section marked "Alleged or Admitted Bettors. Now, I know Pete Rose would of course be the poster boy for this section, maybe have the biggest portrait. However, if you're a true baseball fan you know there's plenty of rumored names through history. Plus, Shoeless Joe Jackson would finally make the hall!

Now, if we go down this hall, you'll see a room marked "Racist". In the 100 plus years of baseball history, you know this room would be pretty full! Heck, you could fill the room with just the plaques of some/most of owners until the 1940's (and after).

Over this way, we have the Hall of Fame room for all those greats that never played against an African-American. These white guys only played against other white guys. Now, if they had played against all the other guys that were the best baseball players on the planet, who knows? They might not have had quite as big numbers. But they didn't, so they get their own 'asterisk' room.

Heck, there's a special section for what they called the "Negro Leagues", so why not? Fair is fair, right?

So welcome to the new "Baseball Hall of Fame*"! Filled with new rooms to explain the history of the game!

Mom, apple pie and baseball*!