Wondering how the multiplayer for Batman: Arkham Origins plays? So were we. That's why we're happy some footage showing gameplay from all three sides of the multiplayer story have found their way online.

Four different videos (one for each of the sides, plus an extra for Robin) were posted by various YouTubers, giving us our first real glimpse of Arkham Origins multiplayer. The original trailer gave us a few clues about what to expect, but these in-game playthroughs are a much better indicator of how the co-operative mode will play.

Each side definitely brings something different to the table, and our fears about this mode being merely tacked on for the sake of having multiplayer have been temporarily assuaged. There are a few instances of glitches, but this is just a beta, and not the finished product. Take a look, and see if Batman: Arkham Origins multiplayer is living up to your expectations.