You've played the Battlefield 4 beta and given your feedback, so now DICE is going to make some necessary changes to make your experience at launch a better one.

A post on the Battlefield blog lists all of the major issues concerning the Battlefield 4 beta. Many participants provided feedback and DICE has provided a list of all the issues as well as how they'll try to fix the problems before the game's launch on Oct. 29.

Issues such as low frame rates, getting stuck on loading screens and high CPU usage during the Beta period were addressed with several patches, but we'll have to wait until launch to see if they've truly been alleviated.

They've also increased the available controller options for the game, even including the control layout for Battlefield 3 for those who feel more at home with it. This setting will be under the "Veteran" layout and will provide a more familiar control scheme.

Sadly, they've fixed the "elevator catapult," a bug that caused elevators to launch players into the sky or teleported them. You can't win them all, we suppose.

For a list of all of the changes, check out the link above. And look out for Battlefield 4 when it arrives on Oct. 29 for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The next-gen versions will launch with their respective consoles.