Xbox 360 owners should free up some space on their hard drives if they're looking to install Battlefield 4.

An article on the EA Support site lets us know exactly how much memory you'll need to install Battlefield 4 on your Xbox 360. The game will ship on two discs: one for the single player portion and one for multiplayer.

Upon starting up the game on either disc, you'll need to perform a required installation that takes up 2GB on your hard drive. After the initial 2 GB install, you'll have the option to install additional content to your hard drive from either disc.

According to the article, the Multiplayer Disc will have an additional 6.6 GB of content. The Single Player Disc will pack 5.8 GB of additional content.

EA recommends that you install all of the optional content to make your experience in Battlefield 4 smooth, so be sure you have a spare 14.4 GB of space on your hard drive when you pick up Battlefield 4 on Oct. 29.