DICE has made its plans for Ribbon and Medal progression in Battlefield 4 a whole lot clearer, making sure players are rewarded for their actions.

A new post on the Battlefield Blog goes into detail about how DICE will use ribbons, medals, assignments and more to help reward players who perform well in the game and play the objective.

According to the blog, DICE is tweaking Battlefield 4's online career "to make it rewarding for newcomers and challenging for returning veterans." This is accomplished through letting players earn ranks, ribbons and medals, awarding different scores based on performance, weapon unlocks, battlepacks and a preview of the weapons you'll unlock next.

There are 100 ranks in Battlefield 4, with Colonel 100 Rank being the cap. Each rank is tied to your accumulated score, so the better you play, the higher your rank will be. You'll still be able to collect new weapons and unlocks even if you hit Colonel 100 thanks to new high-end assignments that are only available for high-ranking players.

Ribbons and medals make a return in Battlefield 4, as do dog tags and service stars. You'll receive a ribbon for playing a class the way it was intended and using it to its full potential or just for generally playing well. For every 50 ribbons you get, you'll receive a medal that corresponds to that ribbon. Dog tags will let you display your personality and achievements, letting everyone know how incredibly badass you are. And service stars are marks that you are awarded for investing in a particular facet of a class. For instance, if you like the Assault class and are prone to dropping med kits for your team mates and bringing them back to life, you might get an Assasult-specific service star for your work.

The scoring system in Battlefield 4 will also reward you for your consistent actions. Anything you do to further your team's cause will snag you some points. This means everything from kills, dropping heals, dropping ammo resupply boxes, capturing points and even just damaging an enemy vehicle will net you some points. The new scoring system will also count kill assists as kills . This makes it so you are awarded a kill even if all you did was wound an enemy enough for him to be killed by another teammate.

Weapon unlocks will now work based on the weapon type you're using. If you favor assault rifles, you'll be scoring points in order to unlock more assault rifles. You'll also unlock more attachments for assault rifles, so Battlefield 4 is ensuring you get the toys you need in return for the work you do.

Battlepacks are a new addition to Battlefield 4 and are gifted to players once they hit certain ranks. According to DICE, Battlepacks can include items such as "weapon accessories, weapon paints, vehicle paints, soldier camos, dog tags, XP boosts and unique knife designs."

Finally, DICE is letting players get a preview of their upcoming unlocks. Once you've racked up the points, you'll be shown exactly what you'll be able to unlock next, which will give you a clearer goal to have in mind. You can track certain items so that you can focus all of your energy on unlocking it. Pretty sweet, eh?

Battlefield 4 will be released on Oct. 29 for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The next-gen versions will launch with their respective consoles. Look forward to all of the great progression online!