SIOUX FALLS - There’s the old saying there are two seasons in South Dakota, winter and road construction. It seems neither one knows when to quit.

The city of Sioux Falls has launched numerous road construction projects in an attempt to wrap up the work before the snow flies… again.  The advice is to take a different route to avoid a stoppage but anyone who travels around the city knows construction is unavoidable.

Engineer, Brad Ludens works for the city of Sioux Falls. His advice is to take it easy.  “Keep calm. Realize that everyone is in the same boat. “

Here’s a rundown of just a few of the projects going on:

  • 41st Street between Kiwanis and Kelly Avenues.
  • Russell Avenue
  • 57th Street is reduced to one lane to Western Avenue.
  • Downtown, 10th and 11th Streets are undergoing concrete repairs.
  • I-90 and the Cliff Avenue exchange is have work done on it.
  • Highway 11
  • 6th St. downtown begins Tuesday.

For a complete listing of all the projects to see the City of Sioux Falls website.