The Chicago Bears are in a rebuilding mode, but have already pressed the 'GO' button on their future QB by starting rookie Mitch Trubisky already this season.

In the process, they have thrown him to the fire in hopes of speeding up his progression and helping the Bears win some games at the same time.

As we all know, during that process, you are going to have ups and downs.

Two weeks ago, you had the ups and the downs, all while getting a W for Chicago.

The Bears defeated the Panthers in Week 7, 17-3 all while having Trubisky only attempt 7 passes and completed four of them.

This wasn't the first time though that a quarterback in the NFL won a game with only completing four or less passes.

In fact, it has happened two other times in the last 30 years, with Tim Tebow completing 3 passes for a win in Denver and Chris Weinke completing 4 passes in a win for Carolina.

That in itself is a pretty amazing stat, but throw in the fact that all three times it has happened John Fox has been the head coach and the stat becomes mind blowing.

Fox has been notorious for being a defensive minded coach, but this stat takes that statement to a whole different level.

The Bears currently are 3-5 on the season and currently have a bye this week before playing Green Bay on November 12th.

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