You knew it wouldn't last. Admit it? Despite being all smiles and hugs last week after beating the Indianapolis Colts, Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler resorted to his old surly-self after being beaten up on by the Green Bay Packers.

It always happens, after a single victory everyone thinks things are great and everything is going to change. But let's face it, beating a rebuilding Colts team starting a rookie QB (even one taken #1 in the draft) is nothing to build a season on.

So, when Cutlery got hammered by the Packers, he reverted back to his old self. Kevin Seifert of point out a key fact about how Cutler was playing Thursday night.

"For much of the second half, it looked like Cutler was so frustrated he was playing what you might call "screw it" football. Receiver is covered? Screw it, I'll throw it. Offensive line is having a tough time? Screw it. I'm holding the ball and bouncing wildly around the pocket to buy time. A great quarterback should minimize adversity around him, not elevate it."

And that is one of Cutler's biggest problems. Unlike some quarterbacks Cutler does not handle adversity well. If things are going bad, he quickly gets testy and starts blaming everyone but himself. Now, the 7 sacks for the most part were not his fault, but the Bears' offensive line was identified as a possible weak point before the season started.

But the offensive line didn't throw four interceptions. And this wasn't unusual for Cutler - he's notorious for throwing interceptions against the Packers.

Earlier in the week - when he was all hugs and smiles - he was cocky, tweaking the Packers DB's by wishing them "luck." When his luck ran out, he was all moodiness and anger.

And that is why, sadly, Lovie Smith will never make it back to the Super Bowl and will end up losing his job this season. Cutler is NOT a quarterback you can win with in the long run. When adversity comes up - and let's face it, the playoffs are all about adversity - Cutler more often than not takes his ball and goes home (if he hasn't thrown it to the other team).