Sioux Falls has another claim to fame.  His name is Ben Nguyen.

Going into UFC Fight Night 65, Nguyen was seen as a underdog by many considering it was his first fight ever in the UFC and he is unknown to many casual MMA observers.

He proved those skeptics wrong as he defeated Alptekin Ozkilic with a TKO in the first round with only one second remaining.

The Sioux Falls native has come a long way.  He joined me on my radio show two weeks ago and he talked about his first ever fight at the fairgrounds in Sioux Falls.

Now in the UFC.

He talked about training in Sioux Falls and learning the principals and techniques that have allowed him to progress as rapidly as he has and to the level he has as well.

Nguyen had been training in Australia leading up to his UFC debut in UFC Fight Night 65 and according to Ben, it was a full day, everyday, of training at the highest level.

As proud as Sioux Falls is now with the early success of Ben Nguyen and this TKO in his first ever UFC fight, I'm guessing that level of admiration is only going to elevate as Nguyen continues his rise within the sport.

Well done for a kid from Sioux Falls.  Congrats Ben, congrats!