Every year there are busts and stars that emerge from the NFL Draft and this year will be no different.

But looking specifically at the past draft picks of the Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers, I have selected the worst and best draft picks from their past.


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WORST - Troy Williamson WR - Troy was drafted 7th overall by the Minnesota Vikings in the 2005 NFL Draft.  Given the nickname "Wide Open" in college for his break away speed, Williamson is a classic example of a bust.  Playing 3 seasons with the Minnesota Vikings and only a total of 5 seasons before exiting the NFL for good, Williamson only 87 receptions and 1,131 total receiving yards in his career.  And remember, the Vikings selected Williamson in hopes of replacing Randy Moss.

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BEST - Fran Tarkenton QB - Fran Tarkenton fell to the Vikings with the 29th pick in the third round of the 1961 draft. All told, he made four Super Bowl appearances and revolutionized the QB position as a threat through the air and on the ground.  He goes down as one of the greatest Vikings of all time!


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WORST- Tony Mandarich, or The Incredible Bulk, was No. 2 overall pick in 1989. Following a lengthy holdout to start his career, Mandarich battled substance abuse during his time with the Packers and never approached his potential or expectations. Steroids anyone?

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BEST- Aaron Roders - In a draft in which is was highly debated whether or not Rodgers or Alex Smith was the best QB available, the 49ers selected Smith and Rodgers fell to the Packers at #24 in the 2005 NFL Draft.  After backing up Brett Favre, Rodgers got the nod and has become the best QB in the NFL Today. A Super Bowl title and league MVP, Rodgers is the best draft pick the Packers have ever selected.