As I'm sure many of you are aware, there's a new Internet trend going viral, and those in the world of sports have taken notice.

The Mannequin Challenge has exploded across the Internet over the past two weeks, and everyone from "average Joe's" to athletes to politicians are joining in on the fun.

With its popularity increasing by the day, I got to thinking about all the Mannequin Challenges I've seen, especially with athletes and figures in collegiate and professional sports. After extensive research, here are my top four Mannequin Challenges in sports:

4. Navy Football

It's good to see those at the Naval Academy joining in on the fun. The execution was solid, the poses were clever and it's the perfect way to celebrate a 28-27 victory over Notre Dame. On the negative side, the music is a little too hot and distorted. All in all, great effort from Navy football.

3. High School Cheerleaders

Under normal circumstances, this Mannequin Challenge would've easily been number one. I don't think you understand the incredible amounts of strength that takes, not just to be a cheerleader and hold up another human being, but to hold up a human being without any swaying or shaking. Props to these cheerleaders.

2. Cleveland Cavaliers at the White House

The Cavs visited the White House last Thursday to celebrate their 2016 NBA Finals title, and they certainly made the most of it. This Mannequin Challenge stands out for three reasons: the music selection was well-executed, it's in the White House and it features the FLOTUS, Michelle Obama. It really is good to #RWTW (roll with the winners).

1. Lamar men's basketball

This was the first "breaking the mold" Mannequin Challenge, and it'll always be my personal favorite. Lamar pulled off the most unique Mannequin Challenge I've seen yet. Easy call for No. 1.