More evidence of Bethesda planning another Fallout sequel has surfaced, this time in the form of an actual trademark from the developer.

Late last week, a new website was uncovered that seemingly hinted at another entry in the Fallout series. Though there was little in the way of concrete evidence this new site was anything substantial a few days ago, a new trademark gives the countdown site a bit more credence. According to CVG, Bethesda has officially put Fallout 4 on the books in Europe.

The trademark surfaced on the Trademarks and Designs Registration Office of the European Union website, and unlike the Survivor 2299 site, has more official proof Bethesda has something in mind for its next venture into the wastes. Unfortunately, trademarks aren't always indicative of actual products being made. Sometimes companies trademark things to make sure no one else can use that name or brand. In this case though, we're inclined to believe there'll be some big Fallout news before the end of the year.