Darcy Jensen of Prairie View Prevention Services in Sioux Falls says it's called "the cinnamon challenge!"

"It's really challenging someone to swallow a tablespoon of dry cinnamon without water in less than a minute."

While it might seem harmless, Darcy says the cinnamon challenge can cause serious health problems.

"What can be very dangerous is that as someone tries to do that it may seem like a very simple 'I can do that' kind of challenge,  but what happens is people begin to cough and even choke. Some of the cinnamon collects in their lungs. That's where we see some health risks."

Darcy urges parents to talk to their kids about the cinnamon challenge.

"Instead of trying to protect or keep our kids from any danger, spend the time communicating with them about the risks involved with the cinnamon challenge."

Darcy say the cinnamon challenge is popular among some middle school students.

Darcy Jensen Talks About the Cinnamon Challenge: