The power to control Aiden and see the unseen weighs heavily on Jodie Holmes' soul in this new TV spot for Quantic Dream's Beyond: Two Souls.

The short TV spot lasts a little over a minute and features some dramatic strings in the background as Jodie tells us of her gift and the terrible burden it puts on her. Again, we see bits and pieces of Jodie's life, starting from her childhood spent being studied to her role as a CIA agent as an adult.

There's a lot of supernatural-flavored imagery in this trailer, at least much more than we've previously seen, so we're getting even more amped up to see what lies in the "beyond." It's dark, it's moody and it gets us psyched for the arrival of the game on Oct. 8. Watch the video above and decide whether or not you're ready to take on Jodie's trials and tribulations on the PlayStation 3.