As we near closer and closer to the kick off of the 2013 College Football Season, all eyes within this region are focused on the Big10.

Whether it's because of geography, intrigue or pure passion, this is Big10 country and its always nice to get a over-view of things from the folks with the Big 10 Network and specifically Gerry DiNardo.

Big 10 Network Analyst Gerry DiNardo joined Jeff Thurn on Overtime to talk about the latest within the conference and what to expect this year.

Topics of note included Ohio State University, University of Iowa, University of Minnesota and the discrepancy in regards to recruiting between the top teams in the Big10 and the teams at the bottom.

Gerry DiNardo also discusses his pre-season Hesiman Trophy Canidates.

"You have to consider Braxton Miller of Ohio State along with Johnny Manziel among others"

Take a listen to the full interview and enjoy!