The man who stared in one of my favorite movies of all time is opening a Caddyshack themed restaurant in Chicago in 2017.

The golf-themed sports bar will be in the Crowne Plaza hotel, after the Bill and his brothers agreed to an 11,000-square-foot space inside the hotel, according to Chicago's Mayor.

The Murray's opened a Caddyshack restaurant in St. Augustine, Florida in 2001 - so this will not be a totally new adventure for them.

Bill Murray famously starred as greenskeeper Carl Spackler in Caddyshack, which his brother Brian wrote after the six brothers grew up as caddies at Indian Hill Club in Winnetka, Illinois.

The restaurant's menu, which encourages you to "Eat, Drink, and be Murray", features movie themed dishes such as Crispy Potato Golf Balls, Spaulding's Hack Salad, and a gigantic $14 Double-Bogey Cheeseburger.

I have friends who are from Chicago and I'm hoping to stow-away in their SUV soon. That's right, Jesse and Melissa. I'll be waiting...