Bleacher Report NBA analyst Jared  Zwerling joined Jeff Thurn on Monday's edition of Overtime.

Zwerling is in New York, and discusses what is next for the New York Knicks, as they fired head coach Mike Woodson on Monday. 

"Well, first of all, Steve Kerr's name has been out there for awhile, and Phil Jackson's inner circle is very tight as you know in Chicago and Los Angeles as he didn't really change his staff very much (Frank Hamblen, Jim Clemons, and Kurt Rambis). I'm sure all three of those guys are in the mix, and maybe Brian Shaw, but he's got a deal in Denver. There's some other guys that have played for Phil, and know the triangle system. I know Phil would like to bring that in, and have more of a system in place that really encourages all the guys to involved. In New York the last couple of years, they've been heavy on Carmelo Anthony, and that's the second point, after a head coach, it's Melo, and after that, it's finding diamonds in the rough. You go back to Phil's press conference when he was introduced, he talked about we don't have a lot of salary cap money, we have to find role players, you're going to take less money to play here. If you are an agent, and trying to get a guy to play here, look, play in New York, and play well, and next summer in 2015, the Knicks have a lot of cap space. If you play well, maybe you will get a bigger deal. So, there's not a lot of money to operate, Carmelo has a big decision, coach is a big decision. You are going to see a similar roster next year and behind the same skills, big, big thing, and I think it's going to define Phil's tenure in New York. You are going to have to find a second star that can play alongside Melo. If you look at the best teams in the NBA, they all have a second star. So, that's going to big. Is it going to be a point guard, Rajon Rondo. There's a lot to find out and a lot question marks ahead."

After firing Woodson, Jackson is expected to talk to Kerr about the vacant head coaching position. 

Rick Adelman won't be returning to the Minnesota Timberwolves. Thurn asks Zwerling how their next head coach will affect the team's future? 

"Well, I know it is very well respected, and have a very good relationship and I'm intrigued to see who they bring in next. I know Kevin would probably like to go back to L.A, he played at UCLA, he's from there. That market is demanding for a superstar athlete after Kobe, as he is obviously getting older with age. They need somebody else to reclaim the superstar in there, and that's Kevin Love. I think a new coach coming in may not be a real determining factor for Kevin. It's still a very competitive Western Conference and it's not going anywhere. The Timberwolves will still be an uphill battle next year. So, I'm very intrigued to see what happens. I don't know if I would go with a college coach, we've seen college coaches, and not necessarily do a great job right away. It's not a great blueprint for success. Maybe George Karl would be great, as you mentioned. But to me, it's also about player development. Ricky Rubio, you look at the way he shoots the basketball, and has been in the NBA for a few years now, is he going to take the next step as an elite point guard? He has to find a better shooting coach. As a point guard, as a point guard, Ricky Rubio doesn't get better, the Timberwolves will be in the same situation because as these point guards go in the NBA, so do their teams. Ricky Rubio needs to have a huge offseason as far as developing his jump shot and becoming a better scorer for the Timberwolves."

Rubio averaged 9.5 points and 8.6 assists a game in 2013-2014 while shooting 38.1% from the field and 33.1% from long range. However, he showed improvement, and in eight of his last nine games, he did score 13 or more points.

Possible candidates rumored for the Timberwolves head coaching job include: Iowa State's Fred Hoiberg, Michigan State's Tom Izzo, Florida's Billy Donovan, former Orlando and Miami head coach Stan Van Gundy, and former Memphis head coach Lionel Hollins.

Yahoo! Sports Marc J. Spears, and ESPN's Marc Stein have reported some of these possibilities.

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