Twelve riders took to the swoops and slopes of the all-concrete Skateboard Park course on Sunday in a best-run-takes-all battle. In BMX Park, riders are judged on the aggressive execution of maneuvers, difficulty, variety, continuity, originality, style, and amplitude (height of airs), and no one disappointed.

After a tightly contested match, with first and last place separated by less than 5 points, Austin's own Chase Hawk beat out stiff competition from veteran BMX riders—including Daniel Dhers, the defending Gold medalist—impressing the judges by using every line of the course (a feat few attempt) to take home his first X Games Gold.

Check out the full final standings after our exclusive gallery, below.

X Games Austin 2104 BMX Park Final Results
1. Chase Hawk, 89.66 (USA)
2. Drew Bezanson, 88.00 (CAN)
3. Daniel Sandoval, 87.00 (USA)
4. Daniel Dhers, 86.00 (VEN)
5. Ryan Nyquist, 85.33 (USA)
6. Gary Young, 85.00 (USA)