Bob Valvano joined Jeff Thurn on Friday's edition of Overtime.

Valvano hosts the Bob Valvano Show on ESPN radio. He is also an ESPN college basketball analyst on television.

Valvano discusses Southern Methodist's 'surprise' year in college basketball in 2013-2014.

"People mocked SMU, 'what are you doing hiring a 71-year old?' I think it's come across as an absolute stroke of genius for them on two levels. One, you take a look at the players. He's put together a mishmash of transfers and JUCO players, and a couple of high-profile recruits. That's because frankly there's still a cache of guy who's won an NBA championship and National Championship. Larry Brown has coached good players, so he's attracted good players. The other thing, and I can't say this enough, he's 73 going on 40. He looks terrific, he's in great shape, he's an absolute tireless teacher of the game. He loves it, he loves the teaching part. In fact, he said for many years his last job would be a high school job so all he could do is teach the players and not worry about recruiting. That's at the core of who he is and he teaches them, and they play old school. How's this for a stat? Chew on this one for a bit: they are second in the country in defensive field goal percentage and ninth in offensive field goal percentage (49.2%). Usually you see a team good at one, but not one or the other. They are outstanding at both ends of the floor, and when you do that, you play heavy, and they don't hurt themselves. They are going to beat some teams, and that's exactly what they've done."

SMU is coached by former NBA coach Larry Brown. The Mustangs are No. 23 in the country with a 23-6 (overall), and 12-4 (American Athletic Conference). They are 17th in the country in points allowed (61.2). 

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