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So, you’re thinking about jazzing up the usual underwear/sock combo you give your partner every birthday, but you’re stumped as to what to get.

You want something different, and maybe even a little bit naughty. Don’t worry, there are gift options out there that are fun, sexy, and perfect for showing the one you love your adventurous and spicy side.

Some spicy gifts for your partner can be found at your local adult store! You could pick up a lacy lingerie piece with stockings and a garter to wear for your man. Or, guys, why not pick one up for your lady?

Beyond the basics of a sexy nighty, there is a wide variety of racy and lacy outfits available. Enjoy the process of picking one out, and the thought of seeing it later! Another option, if you’re feeling a little adventurous, is trying out a new lubricant (maybe with a cooling tingle!) or massage oil. You could try out a vibrating toy for gyrating thrills for two!

Looking for something budget friendly but spontaneous? Get your partner in the mood, then sit them down for their own private dance. Kick it up a notch by adding things like nipple tassels and body glitter.

Is your man a gourmet foodie? Give him a 5 Star meal with a 5 star presentation… In the nude! He won’t be able to take his eyes off you, and you know what they say, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!

If you think a picture is worth a thousand words, chances are he will too! Make your own calendar, personalized with fun and sexy photos of you. It’s a cute way to keep you on his mind, and he gets 12 gorgeous photos of you! Plus, he now has a calendar to remember your birthday and anniversary with. Everybody wins!

There are plenty of other gift options available to you that can be made cheeky and personalized when you put a little thought into it. When you find the perfect one for you and your partner, how do you give it to them?

One option is that you could leave your gift out to for them to find when they’re alone so they don’t have to be embarrassed. You could wrap it, put it in a nice bag, or have it set up and ready to go with a ribbon. Writing a sexy note in a card about a “surprise” for later is a fun way to give a gift. If its lingerie, you could wear it, or have them open it to get a sneak peek at what’s to come! Whatever way you choose to do it, make it fun and special!

Sometimes giving a racy gift can be a bit awkward. Make your intentions clear, and stay playful and open minded.

It’s a good idea to have a plan that won’t be interrupted. So if you’ve decided now is the time - make sure the door is locked, the kids are at their grandparents, and turn off both your cellphones. A call from your great aunt in Philly will definitely ruin the mood.

If the two of you have been fighting or tense, it might be good to hold off. If you have or are expecting company, stash the romance for later. A good time to surprise your lover would be times like birthdays, anniversaries, or even a sleepy Thursday morning if you feel like the mood is right!

Whatever the gift and however you give it, trying out something sexy and new can bring some spice back into your love life and the way you express your emotions. Hopefully it will even encourage a little reciprocation! So don’t worry, and try out something new!