Choosing a good spot for a first date isn't easy. Here is a tip -- bowling is a dumb idea.

When dating a person for the first time, any athletic activity is never a good idea. There is too much that can, and will, go wrong. Bowling is probably the worst idea -- heavy balls, slippery floors, bad food and shady strangers sitting just a seat away is a recipe for disaster.

Here are 12 reasons bowling on the first date is a dumb idea.

  • She'll catch you looking at other girls bowling

  • She'll invite her friends

  • It's impossible to look cool in bowling shoes

  • Your "game face" sucks

  • You'll fall and look like a jackass

  • Bowling alley food gives you the farts

  • Kid will be there. Kids suck.

  • You're not clever enough to think of a funny bowling name

  • There is no such thing as a cool bowling celebration

  • This is how you'll feel the entire time

  • She's never seen 'Lewbowski' so stop quoting it

  • You spend a long time waiting for your balls to come back

    (Much like you will after this girl dumps you)