The upcoming 3DS role-playing game, Bravely Default, will be getting some microtransactions to help players defeat bosses -- if they need it.

The West will be getting an enhanced version of Bravely Default: For the Sequel in Japan. According to Silconera's translations of an article on the Japanese-language site, Famitsu, For the Sequel will allow players to deal even more damage to monsters and actually stop time to wail on them.

The damage cap has been lifted and can now exceed 9,999 damage, even reaching into the five digit figures. But the most important addition is called Bravely Second, which allows players to stop time during battles at the cost of SP.

SP is gained when one's 3DS is in sleep mode and is accumulated at a rate of one SP point for every eight hours. This means you can gain a total of three SP a day. But you'll also have the option of purchasing SP drinks from the Nintendo eShop that instantly give you three SP.

While this isn't a game-breaking addition that will act as a beat-all for bosses, it will certainly help players who don't have as much time to invest in the game and would like to experience the story without having to be held back by boss fights.

There's no word on exactly how much the SP drinks will cost, but the aim is not to make it so cheap that players can abuse it and just breeze through the game.

Bravely Default will be released on 3DS in North America in 2014.