Two people are dead in Sioux Falls following a police standoff Tuesday afternoon.

According to Police Sergeant Loren McManus of the Sioux Falls Police Department, Tyrone Smith, 38, was found dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound inside the Cost Cutters at 2701 West 41st Street after a protracted standoff.

Sioux Falls Police Department Officer Loren McManus speaks with KSOO-AM about the standoff:

McManus explained that just after 1:00 pm Smith appeared at the home of his children's babysitter, located at 18th and Holly, brandishing a weapon. Shortly after, he fled the residence with his two children.

At approximately 1:09 pm, police were called to the 2700 block of West 41st Street on a report of a two car accident. Upon arrival, police found a female subject - later identified as Amanda Conn0rs, 23 - dead of a gunshot wound in one of the vehicles.

At around 1:30 pm, Smith entered the Cost Cutters with his two children. McManus explained that there were four employees in the business, including the mother of his two children.

Smith allowed the employees to leave, along with the two children. As the employees left the building, they reported hearing a single gunshot.

"From what I'm told he never was actually going to hold them. He basically allowed them to leave. I don't know what the conversation was when they left. I don't think they were forced to stay or go. They left on their own," McManus said.

Later investigation revealed that Conners was also the manager of the Cost Cutters, but they are unaware of any other connection between her and Smith at this time. Police did say that Smith was having experiencing problems with the mother of his children.

"His wife, or girlfriend, whatever their domestic relationship is, that seems to be where the issue was at, I believe Ms. Connors was an employee of Cost Cutters but I don't know what the relationship was and why she was targeted," McManus said.

During the standoff, O'Gorman High School was on lockdown, but dismissed as scheduled.